Keyword Research: What are people searching for?

Keyword Research will help you find what people are searching for. You are in business to fulfil a need. But what are people searching for when they want your product or service. In the past the searcher had to find for example the section in the golden pages that contained the product or service they were looking for. Now your business has to be found using the search terms the searcher enters.  Search engines have improved dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when you could stuff keywords into your website. People use longer search terms and the search engines try to provide the most relevant search results.

If you make hats you may think describing yourself as a milliner sounds more sophisticated but what are people searching for and who is your target market
Bespoke Hats
Bespoke hats for mother of the Bride
Hats for Cheltenham 2015
Hats for Weddings in Donegal
Men’s Hats
Bespoke men’s hats
Milliner Cork

I am no expert on hats the examples above are just that. You need to research your market and target the search terms that are in your area.

If you are a plumber in Dublin 15 servicing Gas Boilers, an inquiry to unblock drains in Cork is not much good to you. You want the person searching for “Gas Boiler service Dublin 15”

There are free tools available including Google Keywords that allow you do keyword research and see the volumes that are searching. If you are in a very competitive market with lots of big players for example insurance, targeting insurance may not get you anywhere. You will need to go for something like “personalised service from local insurance broker in Navan”

The most important person to you on the web is the searcher that is searching for your product or service. Do you sell “Bridal Gowns” or “Wedding Dresses”? It is time well invested researching the search terms people use to search for your products.

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Planning a Website that will be easy to find

Invite people into your Digital Showroom

By creating a website you are entering the digital world. You need to let people know you have a website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key.

The eleven levers of planning a website that will be easy to find

  1. The purpose of the website –
    Is it an information website?
    Are you going to sell stock from the website?
    Is it for lead generation?
  2. How are people going to find the website?
    People search for what they are looking for. Sounds obvious, but this is where so many mistakes are made. In the past you may have taken out a full page ad in the Golden pages. People looked for the section they needed and the biggest ads appeared first. You can develop a website that is visually pleasing but it will only work if people can find you.
  3. You need to do keyword research. There are many tools available. Google keyword planning tool is a free tool. You enter the terms you think people will search for, you will get information on the number of people searching for that term and you will also be provided with similar terms. You need to decide on your list of keywords.
  4. Decide how many pages you need. Group the keywords to help work out how many pages you want on your website.
  5. Write page titles using at least one of the keywords selected for that page. Keywords should appear at the beginning of the first paragraph. Use the keywords in a natural way in the rest of the page content.
  6. Gather images you want to use. It is important that images are compressed for the web. They should have English names. E.g. Black-car-model-make.jpeg Write alt tags for all the images.
  7. Look at designs and hosting. You can develop the site yourself using tools such as WordPress that has many themes available free. There is a host of other systems available.
  8. It is vital that you have a “Content Management System” for your website. This is your digital showroom and you need to be able to access it at all times.
  9. New content regularly is very important. You can use a Blog and other popular Social Media.
  10. Attention to detail is essential in the Digital World. The good news is it is the cheapest method of advertising.
  11. Make sure you hold the keys to your digital showroom

You wouldn’t build a bricks and mortar showroom and let the builder hold on to the keys and only let you in when it suited him. You would advertise the fact that you have a new showroom. You need to do the same with your digital showroom.

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