Google Index a new website

How long does it take Google robots to find and Google index a new website?

Google can find and index a new website very quickly. There are still people out there telling businesses that it can take 6 months + to get a website indexed by Google. This is no longer true and hasn’t been for a long time. Google can index your site in a matter of a few days.This does not mean that you will be on the top of page one in a few days.

How quickly Google will index your site is down to you, your website developer and your seo strategist. This can be one, two or three people it is essential that all three functions are working to the same goal.

The first thing you need to agree on is the purpose of the website which can include
Lead Generation – you want people to make an inquiry
eCommerce – You want to sell products online
Signup – For example you want people to sign up for a newsletter or special offers
Brochure Site – Just providing information about your business

For the purpose of this article I will stick with lead generation.
Who is your target audience?
Do you sell directly to consumers or to businesses or both?
Do you have different product categories?

Answering the above questions will help with the structure of your website. The structure is important for the look and feel of your site. In other words the usability of the site. For the robots that crawl your site, a sitemap is recommended and this is based on the structure of the site. A well structured site makes it much easier to carry out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Example 1 you could sell Doors and Windows
Doors and Windows are broken down into Doors and Windows
Doors could be further broken into Front Doors, Back Doors, Patio Doors and Porch Doors
Front Doors could be broken down into Composite Doors, UPVC Doors and Timber Doors

Example 2 you still sell Doors and Windows
Doors are broken into Doors and Windows
Doors could break down into Timber and UPVC
Timber Doors could break into Front, Back, Patio and Porch

There are many different ways you could structure your website.

You need to take into account what level you are going to Optimise your landing pages
Based on your keyword research you may expect people to search for “Composite Front Doors Dublin” You could have a page for “Composite Front Doors” with a page name of “Composite-Front-Doors-Dublin”  Page Title could be “Composite Front Doors give your home a stylish look and are very secure” Page titles can be used as the headline in the Organic Search list. If a searcher sees “Composite Front Door” at the beginning of the heading they are more likely to click on the site. It is also worth completing the Meta Descripton which could be “A Front Door creates an unique style for your home. It protects you and your family from the weather outside. Free Site Visit call 087 1234567”.

Developing a webiste is not a one off, you have to keep it up to date with fresh content

Writing a Blog or having a News Section is a good way of incorporatng new content into your website. You can share this new content on Social Media like Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, Instagram.

Social media helps your Google ranking by increasing the number of links coming into your website. If you post directly to Facebook and advertise on Facebook to get likes this is of no value to your google rankings. Facebook likes are more a vanity thing. The majority of people who like a facebook page never revisit the page.

Using images on your website. 

If you have a website and are not getting traffic you need to have a website audit to determine the problem.

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Tips on Buying Milk

Tips on Buying Milk – Choosing the Right Milk


Remember when you could just go to the shop and buy milk. Now you have to specify if you want Whole Milk, Fortified Milk, Organic Milk, Soya Milk, Low Fat Milk, Skimmed Milk, Goats Milk, Buttermilk, or Long Life Milk. You need to consider do you want 300ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 2.75Ltr or 3 Litre. Do you want Branded or Own Brand? If you want a particular own brand then that will dictate the shop you have to go to.

Ok that’s sorted but hold on I have to consider who needs to use the milk. Children need full milk. Has anyone else special dietary needs for example  diabetes, high cholesterol, haemochromatosis or any allergies. Do you need buttermilk for making bread or could you just put bread soda in the ordinary milk but which one is the ordinary milk? Then if Aunty Mary visits on Sunday she only uses Organic Milk. But how much is all this milk going to cost?

This is a quick guide to buying milk

  1. Make a list of the milk you need.
  2. Go to the shop
  3. Go to the refrigerated area
  4. Select the required product/products
  5. Check the expiry dates – very important
  6. Check the price
  7. Check your list to make sure you have all the products required
  8. Take to the checkout and pay.
  9. Bring home and refrigerate
  10. Use as required making sure you are using the right milk
  11. Refrigerate after use. Remember how much it cost

I hope this short post will help you when buying milk.

Now think about people searching for your products. Is your website easy to find? Is the snippet that comes up in the Google Organic list useful to help the searcher decide whether to click on your site?
If the searcher arrives on your website can they quickly find the information they are looking for?

If you are selling cakes what type of cakes are your selling?

Wedding Cakes
Christening cakes
Birthday Cakes
Colourful bespoke cakes for children’s parties in North Dublin

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