Google Rank – Lead Generation, getting on to page 1 in Google is a good start

Searchers tend to focus on the top 3-4 results provided from a Google Search. Google prides itself on using 200+ criteria to rank sites to give the best possible results. What happens when the searcher arrives on your site? What do you want them to do when they arrive on your site?

Google Analytics provide excellent information on what happens when a user arrives on your site. Many factors influence this, if your site is slow to load people may not even wait around for it to load. How good is your landing page? If a person arrives at a page that does not immediately see information relavent to the search they performed they will not hang around to check if it is somewhere else on the site. How good are your “calls to action” that is what you want people to do when they arrive at your site.

Bounce rate is one of the first things to check on Analytics. Why are people leaving your site as soon as they arrive on it. Being on top of page one is no good if you cannot convert the vsits to enquiries. You need to spend time analysising peoples behavious on your site. Google Analytics is not the only Analytics product available. There is an Irish Product called Statcounter that is very good and easy to understand and starts with a Free Version.

Google can get people to your site but what happens on your site is in your hands.

In the past if you looked up the Golden Pages the biggest ads appeared first, you knew they had paid a lot for the advertisement. In some cases this put people off because they felt the cost of the advertising was reflected in the price of the product.

Google arrived and you cannot pay Google to get ranked in the natural list. You can pay to get higher up the Advertising Listings. A Company of any size can carry out Search Engine Optimisation and get ranked in the Google natural listing. This is fair in that everyone that is willing to put in the work can get a good listing. However it does not mean that the companies ranked highest will carry out the best work. “Buyer Beware” ¬†(Force Majeure) applies as it always did.

Th big advantage “New Media” has is the amount of information that is available to the business person. You can see what pages people looked at and how long they spent on your site. You can see entry pages, exit pages, returning visits and much more. It is what you do with the information that will make the difference.