Sales, everything has changed and nothing has changed.

The world is made up of buyers and sellers. This has not changed. With the arrival of the internet, online shopping and social media the way buyers and sellers interact with each other has changed.

Digital Marketing is here and businesses need to embrace it. No small business person has all the skills required to carry out everything required to run a small business. This is why businesses employ Accountants, Financial Advisers and Legal People to name a few.

SME’s to-date have not recognised the value of Digital Marketing. Everything “on the Internet” is Free. This is not true. Advertising on the Web can be very cost effective if carried out properly. Advertising on the web can be very easy to do and very very easy to waste money on. Google Adwords is a great example of this. Anyone who can get access to the web can start advertising on Google. You can set a limit to the amount of money you want to spend. This is not the same as getting a good return on investment.

Google have excellent support resources that can help you. You have to take the time to learn the systems. You then have to keep up to date as the systems change regularly. With Adwords you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) on a home improvement business is around 2%. A professionally carried out campaign can get this CTR up to 5-10% depending on the budget and product. A professionally carried out campaign will prevent your ad from being shown to and possibly clicked on by people not in your target market.

In the past you could buy a bigger ad in the Golden Pages or Newspapers to get your business noticed. You cannot do this with the search engines, Google being the biggest in Ireland. The amount of feedback you can get using various Analytics products is incredible. You have to take time to interpret and analyse the reports and make changes accordingly.

What has Not Changed

Prospects/Customers have NEEDS
Your  products have FEATURES
Your products also have BENEFITS

Depending on the prospective buyer features or benefits may be more important.

The difference between Features and Benefits

If you are selling UPVC Windows some of the features could be Double Glazed, Triple Glazed, A Rated Energy Efficient.
Benefits could include a warmer home, lower cost of heating, more secure. Depending on the buyer one may like to boast “my windows are A Rates energy efficient”. Another may prefer to say “my heating bills have gone way down since I installed my new windows”

If you are selling Wedding Dresses, “Understated Elegance” could be a feature. “Comfortable to wear all day” could be a benefit.

In Conclusion

You know your customers best, you know what they are looking for. Digital Marketing work carried out properly is time consuming. If you do not have the time to spend on your Digital Marketing getting a professional to help you is money well spent.

This is not a job for an Admin person to take on as well as their own work. It is certainly not a job for an Intern.

This is a job for an experienced business person who can understand your business and convert your goals into actions that will generate solid enquiries. You need a person you can trust to have your best interests at heart. You need to be comfortable that this person really does understand your business.

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