Are your images adding value to your SEO or just clutter on your website?

Adding images to your website creates a good impact. People like to look at pictures but Google and other search engine robots cannot see the pictures. Therefore you need to tell the robots what is in the pictures

It is very tempting to use the name your camera gives your picture DFCS123.jpeg. The picture could be 2-3mb. You don’t bother putting in any Alt text as people can see the picture, they know what it is.  Your picture means nothing to the robots

Before loading your picture compress the picture for use on web. Size of file will go down to less than 100kb, in this example 74kb. The file now loads quickly. A web page needs to load in less than 5 seconds, the time you have to get someone’s attention.

Google still doesn’t know what is in the picture.

Rename your picture to “Civil-Ceremony-Room-Decoration.jpeg”

Insert Alt Text “Civil Ceremony Room Decoration with Fairy Light Archway”

Now the robots know what the image is about. You have entered keywords in a legitimate way that will help your SEO ranking.

Alt tags are also used by the visually impaired.

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