People buy from People they like.

Your Website is your digital showroom. It should portray your personality. You created your business to satisfy a need you identified. When you talk about your business you talk about it with passion. You are talking to your prospective customers through your website. The majority of people research products on the internet before purchasing.

Every customer is not the same, everyone’s needs are not the same and everyone’s budget is not the same.

Looking at websites that all deliver the same brochure type information is boring. Your website content shouldn’t be boring. When you are talking about something you believe in, it comes across much more interesting.

If I am buying Windows, I want to know why I should buy a particular type of Window. For example, this room is north facing therefore you should consider …….. This window has great views you could take advantage of this by ……. I want to feel I am dealing with a person that knows what they are talking about. I want to deal with someone I can trust and that I value their opinion. What good is triple glazing for the price of double glazing if I don’t need triple glazing?

Good website content comes from the owner of the website. Don’t worry about not being “good at this kind of thing”. Tell your story, be a good story teller. You can get help with tidying up your story to make it SEO (Search engine optimisation) friendly. Let you personality shine through.

Articles on jobs you have completed are always interesting. Fact sheets on your industry, for example “Safety considerations when installing blinds in your home”

Your website is not a once off job it is a work in progress. How many times have you seen a website with a news section or a blog and it hasn’t been updated in two years. This is very off putting. If you are constantly posting new articles and jobs completed you come across as a much more interesting up to date company.

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