What does your Website and Blog say about your Business?

What does your Website and Blog say about your Business?


People buy from People they like.

Your Website is your digital showroom. It should portray your personality. You created your business to satisfy a need you identified. When you talk about your business you talk about it with passion. You are talking to your prospective customers through your website. The majority of people research products on the internet before purchasing.

Every customer is not the same, everyone’s needs are not the same and everyone’s budget is not the same.

Looking at websites that all deliver the same brochure type information is boring. Your website content shouldn’t be boring. When you are talking about something you believe in, it comes across much more interesting.

If I am buying Windows, I want to know why I should buy a particular type of Window. For example, this room is north facing therefore you should consider …….. This window has great views you could take advantage of this by ……. I want to feel I am dealing with a person that knows what they are talking about. I want to deal with someone I can trust and that I value their opinion. What good is triple glazing for the price of double glazing if I don’t need triple glazing?

Good website content comes from the owner of the website. Don’t worry about not being “good at this kind of thing”. Tell your story, be a good story teller. You can get help with tidying up your story to make it SEO (Search engine optimisation) friendly. Let you personality shine through.

Articles on jobs you have completed are always interesting. Fact sheets on your industry, for example “Safety considerations when installing blinds in your home”

Your website is not a once off job it is a work in progress. How many times have you seen a website with a news section or a blog and it hasn’t been updated in two years. This is very off putting. If you are constantly posting new articles and jobs completed you come across as a much more interesting up to date company.

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Think like the Searcher – Your Target Market

Think like the Searcher – Your Target Market

You want Searchers to find your Business therefore you need to Think like the Searcher.

You know your business better than anyone else. Afterall, You created your product or service. Naturally you are proud of your business. You want to tell everyone how proud you are of your business.

Your target market/prospects don’t really care how wonderful you think you are. They have a need and they want to know what you can do for them. It is important when a searcher sees your business in a listing that they can quickly see in the headline and short description what you do that is of interest to them. When they click on your site in the search results they need to land on a page that is easy to navigate and quickly shows them the information they are looking for and where to go for additional information.

pink striped socks

A searcher looking for pink striped socks is more likely to click on a site showing an image of pink striped socks than a site saying “We are the best in the sock business” “We are in the sock business for over 30 years” “Our staff and service are the best in the sock business” ” We have won numerous awards for socks”

Two businesses can sell similar products but have different target markets. Searchers can have similar requirements and very different budgets and completely different ideas on what they are willing to compromise on. The better you define your target market and set your site to answer their requirements the better your chances of making the sale.

The majority of people making major purchases do research online. The statistics vary depending on the research you are looking at but one thing they all agree on is that the numbers researching online is increasing. Mobile research has increased rapidly in the past couple of years. During this pandemic, desktop search has increased because more people are working from home.

Do you know your Target Market?

Will Searchers recognise themselves as your Target Market?

On major purchases decisions can be 60%+ made before the buyer engages with a human

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Social Media is not a replacement for a Business Website

Social Media is not a replacement for a Business Website

Social Media is not a replacement for a Business Website

Social Media, Facebook Business pages in particular in Ireland are often thought of as a replacement for a Business Website. This is not the case. Social media is a way of attracting traffic to your website.

Some of the reasons a Facebook business page is not a replacement for a business website.

1. Facebook posts are very short lived in newsfeeds before they disappear.
2. Only about 6% or less of the people who like your facebook page will see the posts without paid advertising.
3. People can turn off news feeds to prevent distraction.
4, Facebook rules change regularly and you have no control over this.
5. Your profile is limited you can create additional tabs but it can be confusing for users.
6. Searchers are fickle. Facebook is still popular in Ireland. Audiences are getting older. Young people are leaving Facebook.
7. Lead generation is better carried out on your website where you have full control of your content.
8. If you blog, your blogs will always be available on your website.
9. Facebook interrupts social time.. People search for your website.
10 You have full control over what is displayed when someone gets to your website.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but I hope it gives you a good idea of the differences between a Business Website and a Facebook Business Page. The main difference is control. Facebook control who and what people see. You control what people see on your website.

Of course you have to attract people to your website. Search Engine Optimisation is used to get your website into the search results. When you get people to your website it is important that you have good engaging content that will encourage the searchers to stay on your website and make an inquiry. You have to think like the searcher, they have a reason for being on your website. They are looking for something, how easy is it for them to find what they are looking for. How easy is it for them to contact you?

Remember if you have 150 man years baking cakes that will not necessarily impress a searcher. They are looking for a fresh cake. You might like to boast about your 150 years experience but does your searcher really care?

Depending on the size of your business, a website can be as little as one page. More searches are carried out on mobile devices. It is essential that your website is mobile friendly.

The Business Website is not dead and does not have to be expensive.

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Facebook is a High Maintenance Friend

Facebook is a High Maintenance Friend

Facebook is an excellent way of promoting your Business

Facebook is one of the many social media platforms available today. It is a very needy friend. You need to keep in touch several times a day. You cannot have a business Facebook page that you do not touch for months and then post that for example that you are exhibiting at a show this weekend and expect that your post will be shown to people interested in attending the show.

Facebook is not a Free advertising platform. There is paid advertising available on Facebook in a number of formats. A lot of businesses use advertising to get likes. Likes that you pay for on Facebook are largely vanity, people who like your page through advertising rarely if ever visit your page again.

People using social media do not want to be constantly advertised at. It is important to get the balance right. About 80% of the time you should be providing information and 20% of the time advertising your products. You don’t have to provide all the information yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to like and share other people’s posts.

Before the days of social media people would ask for recommendations for businesses complimentary to their business. Word of mouth and referrals have always been very important to business and continue so. Facebook is another very useful tool for referrals..

Social Media is a way of extending referral business.  If you are a wedding supplier supplying Fairy Light Backdrops, Archways and Aisle Runners, you may like other businesses supplying Wedding Stationery, Flowers, Make-up, Hairdressers, Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Groom and Groom’s mans attire. This is not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

Your audience is the same and they may be interested in the complimentary services.

Work with Facebook and Facebook will work for you. Remember that Facebook is a very needy friend and not one just to be called on when you want something.


Seo Tips when using images and pictures

Seo Tips when using images and pictures

Are your images adding value to your SEO or just clutter on your website?

Adding images to your website creates a good impact. People like to look at pictures but Google and other search engine robots cannot see the pictures. Therefore you need to tell the robots what is in the pictures

It is very tempting to use the name your camera gives your picture DFCS123.jpeg. The picture could be 2-3mb. You don’t bother putting in any Alt text as people can see the picture, they know what it is.  Your picture means nothing to the robots

Before loading your picture compress the picture for use on web. Size of file will go down to less than 100kb, in this example 74kb. The file now loads quickly. A web page needs to load in less than 5 seconds, the time you have to get someone’s attention.

Google still doesn’t know what is in the picture.

Rename your picture to “Civil-Ceremony-Room-Decoration.jpeg”

Insert Alt Text “Civil Ceremony Room Decoration with Fairy Light Archway”

Now the robots know what the image is about. You have entered keywords in a legitimate way that will help your SEO ranking.

Alt tags are also used by the visually impaired.

Image courtesy of Glad Rags Event Styling – www.gladragseventstyling.ie

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Sales are the Life Blood of Every Business

Sales, everything has changed and nothing has changed.

The world is made up of buyers and sellers. This has not changed. With the arrival of the internet, online shopping and social media the way buyers and sellers interact with each other has changed.

Digital Marketing is here and businesses need to embrace it. No small business person has all the skills required to carry out everything required to run a small business. This is why businesses employ Accountants, Financial Advisers and Legal People to name a few.

SME’s to-date have not recognised the value of Digital Marketing. Everything “on the Internet” is Free. This is not true. Advertising on the Web can be very cost effective if carried out properly. Advertising on the web can be very easy to do and very very easy to waste money on. Google Adwords is a great example of this. Anyone who can get access to the web can start advertising on Google. You can set a limit to the amount of money you want to spend. This is not the same as getting a good return on investment.

Google have excellent support resources that can help you. You have to take the time to learn the systems. You then have to keep up to date as the systems change regularly. With Adwords you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) on a home improvement business is around 2%. A professionally carried out campaign can get this CTR up to 5-10% depending on the budget and product. A professionally carried out campaign will prevent your ad from being shown to and possibly clicked on by people not in your target market.

In the past you could buy a bigger ad in the Golden Pages or Newspapers to get your business noticed. You cannot do this with the search engines, Google being the biggest in Ireland. The amount of feedback you can get using various Analytics products is incredible. You have to take time to interpret and analyse the reports and make changes accordingly.

What has Not Changed

Prospects/Customers have NEEDS
Your  products have FEATURES
Your products also have BENEFITS

Depending on the prospective buyer features or benefits may be more important.

The difference between Features and Benefits

If you are selling UPVC Windows some of the features could be Double Glazed, Triple Glazed, A Rated Energy Efficient.
Benefits could include a warmer home, lower cost of heating, more secure. Depending on the buyer one may like to boast “my windows are A Rates energy efficient”. Another may prefer to say “my heating bills have gone way down since I installed my new windows”

If you are selling Wedding Dresses, “Understated Elegance” could be a feature. “Comfortable to wear all day” could be a benefit.

In Conclusion

You know your customers best, you know what they are looking for. Digital Marketing work carried out properly is time consuming. If you do not have the time to spend on your Digital Marketing getting a professional to help you is money well spent.

This is not a job for an Admin person to take on as well as their own work. It is certainly not a job for an Intern.

This is a job for an experienced business person who can understand your business and convert your goals into actions that will generate solid enquiries. You need a person you can trust to have your best interests at heart. You need to be comfortable that this person really does understand your business.

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