How do I get visitors to my website?

How do I get visitors to my website?

I have a great new Website but I am not getting any inquiries. Why?

There are many reasons why you may not get inquiries.

  1. People don’t want to buy what you are selling
  2. People can’t find your website
  3. Your website is too slow, people find you but leave before your site even loads
  4. People come onto your site but find it difficult to use, the can’t find what they are looking for so they leave

How to get people to your webite

There are many ways to get traffic to your website and usually you will need more than one source

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

Depending on the market you are in, this can work very well. It is slow, it takes time, skill and patience to get it working. There are two sides to SEO, what the machine sees and what the human sees. Humans like pictures, machines don’t know what is in the pictures unless you tell them. Lets say I want to bring fishermen to Virginia so I go out and take some fantastic pictures of fishing in Lough Ramor and the Ramparts River. I post them on a webpage, I don’t get any inquiries. I show my webpage to some fishermen and they think it’s great , so why am I not getting inquiries? The first thing you need to check is how many visitors are coming to your webpage. Google provide a code to put on your website to track how many visitors are coming on to your website. Make sure you have a Google Analytics code on your website, this allows you track the number of visitors you are getting. You may be shocked to see how few if any visitors your are getting. You need to have a serious look at how your site is optimized or find another way of getting traffic to your site, paid advertising is the fastest way to get traffic to your site.

To get started on SEO you need to do keyword research. You need to identify your target market, the people you want to find your website. What are they searching for? Can your website answer their search queries? How have you named your pictures? Did you just accept the name the camera gave them? Have you included ALT tags to tell the search engines what is in the picture? Have you optimized the size of the picture files to make sure they load quickly? Ideally you will have this planning done before you develop the front end website but you can go back and do it after the front end site is developed. The searcher is King, you are trying to satisfy his needs.

Paid Advertising –

Paid advertising is a much quicker way of getting traffic to your website but can be very expensive.

Google Adwords – Adwords are the paid ads you see at the top and bottom of search pages on Google. You bid for the search words you want, your ad goes into an auction based on bid and quality of the ad. Your position is based on the auction result. 70% of searchers select from the organic list – unpaid list.

Social Media – There are many social media platforms. You can select the platform most used in your industry. Facebook is still the most popular platform in Ireland. According to research 66% of the adult population are on Facebook. 69% of people on Facebook have been influenced to make a purchase through Facebook. There are paid and free options in Facebook.

Directories – Industry directories are another way of getting to your target market. Very popular in Ireland for Weddings, you get a lot of wedding suppliers in one area.

Virginia Pages – is a local directory for people searching for products and services in the Virginia area

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