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Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

1. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – content is KIng for Google Rankings. Too many SME’s think they just need a graphic designer to design a website. Sure, a well designed website is good but it is the content that will get you ranked in Google. Preparing the content for a website should be taken on at a senior level not given to junior intern. Read More About SEO

2. Images are important, your potential customers are human and like to look at images. Pictures should be named properly and contain alt text. It may be tempting just to upload your pictures with the name the camera gave them. This can be a missed opportunity for getting your keywords into your digital marketing plan. If you were selling window shutters and you put up a picture of a job you completed and the picture is called DSC12345.jpeg. The Google Robots doesn’t know what that is. On the other hand if you name the picture “Cream-Cafe-Style-Shutters.jpeg” and in the Alt Text you put “Cream Cafe Style Shutters Top Open” Now you are telling the robots that this is picture of Cream Cafe Style Shutters.Picture courtesy of Signature Blinds and Shutters.

3. Backlinks and Social Links help your ranking. If another website links to your site it says they value your website. Social media links are getting more important in a digital marketing plan. If people are engaging and sharing your content then it signals that your content is valuable. You cannot be active on all social media so pick the one that suits your business best and get active and that includes sharing other peoples content. It is important to have fresh content regularly Social Media is a good way of doing this. You would keep your physical showroom fresh clean and tidy, you need to do the same with your <a title=”Planning a Website that will be easy to find”