SEO – How to improve Google rankings for your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps people to find you on the Web. Content is KIng for Google Rankings.

Too many SME’s think they just need a graphic designer to design a website. Sure, a well designed website is good but it is the content that will get you ranked in Google.

Preparing the content for a website should be taken on at a senior level not given to junior intern. If you were building a new showroom you wouldn’t get a junior person to do it. Your Website is your “Digital Showroom” and deserves the same attention to detail a physical showroom would receive.

When someone visits your website what type of information are they looking for? Are you providing this information in an easy to understand way? Are you giving them a reason to contact you? Are you making it easy for them to contact you?

You understand your business better than anyone. You know who your suspects and prospects are. Not everyone is good at copywriting. You can employ a professional copywriter but it has to be your message to your potential customers. The keywords you want to be found for need to be included in the text. Repeating your keywords over and over will not rank you higher. Use of Good Titles and headings are important. Content should be updated regularly.